What size of trees do you sell?
-We typically start at a 2″ diameter trunk for deciduous trees and 10′ tall for evergreen trees.  Our arborvitae begin at 6-7′ tall.  On occasion, we do carry slightly small stock of some trees.  Check out our inventory at https://bigtreesupply.com/sales-inventory/nursery-trees-inventory/ for our current inventory.

My landscaper says my tree is valuable. Do you want to buy it? Or, Do you buy trees?
-We only purchase trees from wholesale growers who keep their trees ready to handle and plant through root pruning and other nursery work.

My neighbor cut down my tree. Or, A car ran over my trees. Can Big Trees tell me how much money I am owed by this other party?
-Big Trees can recommend Landscape Appraisal Arborists who can give written reports listing the financial damages for these situations, but we do not offer estimates over the phone or onsite consultations for these situations. The Arborists we recommend will provide these figures per their certified training that is recognized by insurance companies and court systems.

When’s the best time to plant a tree?
-We plant and transplant trees all year round here at Big Trees, with root pruned and stabilized trees available for the summer months in our nursery, and many techniques for transplanting in the summer due to the constraints of construction schedules.

How much does it cost to transplant a tree?
-There are many factors that go into determining the costs of a transplanting scenario. The size and variety of the tree, its trunk diameter at the base of the tree, and the logistics involved are all determining factors for expenses. We will ask for these details and more, plus a photo of the tree in our request form for Transplanting under our Planting and Transplanting menu. This is generally the best approach for getting some preliminary cost estimates involved with a transplanting project you are considering.

How large of a tree can Big Trees move?
-We evaluate all transplanting projects on an individual basis, and while some 20 foot tall trees can be moved with ease under ideal circumstances, we might advise against moving a much smaller tree based on issues we perceive to be too risky. In general, Big Trees handles trees in height ranges of 20-30 feet tall regularly. On occasion, some trees as tall as 50 feet and weighing 40,000 pounds have been handled under ideal circumstances. Some shorter, 20 foot tall trees weighing as much as 60,000 pounds have been managed as well.