Customers Speak

Our Customers Say it Best Themselves. . .

Hi Nancy,

We are very pleased with the tree.  It does a good job of providing privacy and blocking a view that we did not want.  Plus, it looks great.

The two men who delivered and planted it were great-very knowledgeable and personable.  I was going to write you about how pleased we were to meet them and the job they did.

~ Barbara & Steve, Vashon

Hi Nancy,

We love the trees and your crew was amazing!  They got those trees in the ground and secured so fast we couldn’t believe it.  You’ve got a great company. Congrats.

~Douglas & Margie, Camano Island

We were very happy with the install.  The guys showed up on time. They were nice and worked really hard.  They also were patient.  So far, we couldn’t be happier with your services.

~Joseph, Redmond

This is just a quick note to say that we are very pleased with our new Autumn Blaze tree, delivered yesterday. The installation crew did a fine job (just finding our place and getting here deserves credit) and the tree looks great.

~Brian & Sharon, Redmond

Hi Nancy!  Thanks so much for the note and the follow-up.  Apologies it has taken us a few days to respond back.  We are very happy with the tress and the planting!  Thanks so much to your team, specifically the crew and also Jamie who helped us through the entire process.  We changed plans a few times and Jamie helped us along the way!  Thank you very much – great to partner with you and your team!

~Scott, Newcastle

The trees look great and your crew was very helpful and efficient! We very much appreciate you helping us find a tree that is perfect for what we need!

~Josh, Woodinville

THANK YOU.  Your team came out and installed the new arborvitae and transformed the yard.  More over, when we pulled into the driveway from the hospital today, seeing the yard gave Barb a HUGE and much needed smile.  You are simply amazing!!!!

~Scott & Barb, Snohomish

Thanks for the reach out Nancy. The trees are doing very well + our experience with your company was excellent, from research all the way to delivery and planting of the trees. Josh also came to our house to do a post-planting review and gave the trees the thumbs up.

~Caroline, Seattle


Your company has been amazing!  From my first call through the after visit, everyone has provided the education needed and has been delightful to work with.

The installation crew exceeded my expectations.  They were thorough, efficient and left the trees and my yard in beautiful shape.

I will be purchasing more trees in the fall to complete my backyard project and have told everyone I know about the fantastic quality, staff and customer service of Big Trees.

You were a great find!

Congrats on a successful business!  As a small business owner myself, I appreciate the time and energy it takes to build a reliable and consistent customer experience.

~Tina, Sammamish

Hi Nancy,

The trees look great — we’re very happy with them and can’t wait to see them in the spring (first we’ll see how they do later today in the wind…). Your crew was excellent, a good group of guys, very easy to work with, and patient while I had them move the trees around before planting.

Thanks again for working with us to make sure we got the trees we wanted. I’ll be in touch if I have any questions.



Everything went fantastic and the trees look great! They guys did a great job installing with minimal impact to the yard. We are looking forward to many great years watching them grow.



Dear Nancy,

Big Tree Nursery was amazing to work with from start to finish. We loved walking around the Nursery and picking out our trees. Ishmael and his crew were amazing; kind, patient and knowledgeable. The trees look beautiful!

There is one more tree that we have to purchase this season, an Akebono Cherry Tree.  We will be back.

Thank you for everything.

~Gretchen and Keith

First, all ten trees came through the move in great shape.  I looked hard to see if any had broken limbs or branches and not one did.  That in itself is a testament to the care of your planting crew took loading the trees and covering them so they would not blow around and strip/damage the leaves. Your crew of 5 men worked hard and got all ten trees planted in about three hours. They not only planted but also staked the trees.  They did a great job and I am very happy with the results.

~Larry and Dale

Hi Nancy,

The trees look beautiful and the crew was great!  Very efficient and professional, good job communicating about preferences and details, and nice tree placement and clean-up.


Hi Nancy,

Everything looks fantastic and the crew was great. They were all super helpful and we had a blast watching our forest arrive and get planted. Those guys are all very talented with their machines and hard workers.


Hi Nancy,

The tree matched perfectly.  The crew did a wonderful job and I really appreciate how it all worked out.


Thanks for checking no problems here the trees look great and your crew has been excellent.  Very nice helpful timely and they leave everything cleaner than when they started!


Hi Nancy,

Everything, as usual, went great with the planting of the trees.  The trees are great and so is your crew.  Thanks again.  Happy Holidays to you and all of Big Trees.


Thank you for following up! And a big thank you to the crew, they did a fantastic job! The cherry  tree looks simply fantastic.


Hi Nancy,

You sent a good crew.  They were all both friendly and efficient.  Couldn’t ask for more … especially given the delayed start.  Life happens.

Things look great.  And I have arranged with the person who handles my irrigation system for a dripline to be set up once we have our thaw next year.  So I’m at least hoping that transplant “shock” will be at a minimum and the Sequoia will be fine.

Happiest of Holidays to you as well!


I was very happy with the crew and everything went well with the Dogwood. We are very happy to have it!  Thanks!


Your guys did a great job. They were very professional and friendly. Tree is in perfect condition and looks great!   Thanks so much.


Everything went well, we are quite pleased with the tree, and the planting process.  Thank you so much for your help with it!


I just wanted to circle back around and say thank you.  Our oak tree replant was painless and the tree looks very good.

Thanks much, John

The planting of the tree went very well and your crew was very polite and helpful.  Thanks for a great tree experience!


Hi Nancy!  The planting went great and the Thundercloud Plum looks great in our front yard.  We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family.


The trees are beautiful- and my mom was smiling from ear to ear when the crew did the work – you were right, amazing guys!


Hello Nancy,

We are pleased with our new  trees and the work performed by your staff.  They did a fine job positioning the trees including facing and bracing them and we cannot wait until spring when they begin to leaf and show their individuality.  They look gorgeous and excited to have them in our front yard.  The crew dug up plenty of rocks along  the way which we assume was no easy task (please thank them again).  They laid the dug-up rocks neatly in piles by each dig, making super easy for us to do the post installation clean up.


The crew was great.  Nice guys, really helpful and fast.  They were able to find good planting locations that made my wife happy.


Please let the team know we were very pleased, both with our experience viewing trees on your lot and the install. Your team is top notch and we will recommend you to everyone. The guys who installed were very thoughtful to the surroundings, were willing to rotate and play with the position for 15 minutes before finalizing the install, and worked really hard in our unusual heat. In particular after completing they even dressed the adjacent plants that were disturbed in the process to make them look nice. The Flowering Pear was definitely the right choice and we love it! It can’t completely block the mega-house to the North yet, but its beauty is a definite distraction from the neighboring house. Thank you all!
~ Al & Paula

My sister and I just wanted to let you know that we were very impressed with the crew today. The three arrived and started digging for the trees as we made decisions where to place them all and by the time the trees arrived, the holes were already dug. They were very careful about the irrigation lines that are still being laid, hopping over the lines in the trenches and using plywood we had to drive over the one line that had to be driven across. Very professional and courteous all around.

The tree looks great! We’re very pleased. Your crew did a good job installing it and taking away the old stump. We’ve already got a soaker hose on it set to water regularly, so it should do well.

All went great with trees and delivery last week, thanks for asking. You have a great a professional crew and we are thrilled with the bush and tree we chose.
~Robin & Dean

It was as smooth as silk. A very beautiful tree and your crew was great. The owners are happy and we have a designated irrigation drip on it. It has been getting water as specified.
Thanks to both you and Todd for your help with getting this put together so quickly.

Thank you , the girls look great, we call them the 3 sisters. We talk to them daily to ensure they are settling in. Loved working with you. The guys who delivered them were wonderful.

Hi Jamie. The trees look fantastic and exceed what we could have hoped for as far as privacy. We are very happy with them. Thank you for your advice. Thank you.
~Mark and Lynn

Your crew just left my house with the tree. They did an amazing job and were very professional and even did the extras like cleaning up (sweeping the driveway of any dirt etc.). I will certainly will recommend your service to others in my neighborhood.

Thanks, Nancy, for finding a slot in your schedule for our tree planting. It looks perfect! The crew was super efficient, kind and did a great job tidying up after they left. Much appreciated.

Jamie, you were right… the tree is the perfect shape…. and will be a wonderful Christmas tree for years to come. Your guys did an awesome job of planting the tree also. There clean-up was great as well. Thanks for excellent service all around. I look forward to doing business in the future.
~St John Medical Center

I just had to thank you for the amazing trees we bought from you. There is such difference between planting a mature tree instead of a seedling. We had lots of mature rhodys and azaleas and planting small trees would have really stood out. Once planted your trees look like they have been growing on our property for years and years. The quality of your trees is outstanding. Trees like this make a huge impact and add so much more value than they cost.

Jamie: Your business is awesome, from our initial conversation to Pablo and his crew this morning to your email this afternoon. I am an extremely happy customer and will be using Big Trees, Inc in the future for all of our tree needs.

Thanks Jamie. I was very pleased with the crew & the planting process. They were very careful & detail-minded to get the trees placed well. Really appreciate that they were able to not damage the existing sprinkler line too! The new drip line is awesome also. The trees look great – can’t wait for them to take root & flourish in their new home.

Everything went so well. The hedge is better than I even dreamed. The laurels were full, lush and tall. Absolutely the best– and they completely covered the fence and are even above it.
The crew was wonderful – just the greatest. I can’t say enough about what a great job they did.

Hi Nancy,
I have to tell you how delighted I was that you were willing to change up your schedule, and that you sent 3 of the nicest guys to work with; they were terrific. They were willing to turn trees around and really communicate, thank you for an altogether great experience.
Laurie(Mt. Vernon)

Thank you for a fantastic job! I’ve enjoyed interacting with all of your friendly, competent staff. The trees look great in our yard.

Dear Big Trees
I would like to personally thank you for the extra care and attention you provided to the city I December when a vandal fatally injured the tree just prior to our annual tree lighting event and the tree had to be removed due to safety concerns.
Your support and expedited services in our time of need was crucial to swiftly addressing and fixing the problem. Your crews that worked on-site to transport and plant the beautiful new tree were tremendously helpful and easy to work with.
It has been amazing to see such compassionate individuals, from both inside and outside of Covington’s boundaries, join together with businesses to support this effort. Not only does the tree help us celebrate the Christmas season, but it serves as a symbol of domestic violence awareness when it is lit in purple lights each October.
Margaret H(City of Covington)

No, we’re not happy–we’re thrilled! It is the perfect fix to our problem. Pablo and crew were exceptional–couldn’t ask for more; they saved every plant and fern we wanted! I will certainly recommend your company to others. Your promptness–as you well know–was critical. THANKS!!

Thanks again for your help! The tree looks amazing, and we’ve received many compliments from our neighbors!
Natalie(Lake Stevens)

Just a brief note to say, the trees look great and Pablo and his assistant did an awesome job. We will probably be back for another tree for that empty space in the back yard. Thank you again. Great doing business with you

Everything turned out just great-I don’t see much of the neighbors’ house, they don’t see me, and Carol doesn’t have to hear me carping all the time. Pablo and the guys worked hard, did a good job, and were easy to work with. A pleasant bonus was (and continues to be) that your truck did not hemorhage oil onto the driveway the way so many do. Thanks again for all your help.
Ralph & Carol(Redmond)

Sean was patient with the landowner while we determined the best of two spots. It’s a nice looking tree and they are happy with the size. It looks beautiful in its setting.
~MaryAnn (Bainbridge Island)

Thanks Nancy.  I’m extremely happy with them!  They look so
good in their places.  The guys did a great job putting them where I wanted them.
~Mark (Seattle)

I think I hear the tree giggling….
Every now and then! It looks beautiful and right at home. I will be doing more with the mound but for now I am watering and staring at it.  The cocker spaniels think we did it for shade for them.  So they thank you too. Thank you so much again, Nancy.
~JoAnn (Snohomish)

The new tree is just gorgeous, a little taller than the one lost, and really is just perfect. I am so grateful to you for your instant response. You folks at Big Trees are forever at the top of my list. Larry and I thank you all very much.
I had dug up several plants that would have been in the way of Pablo and his crew for the tree planting and those are now back in the ground and the area looks like nothing had ever happened. Pablo and his crew did a wonderful job of protecting the larger plants that were rather in the way. They are very nice, hard working guys.
Again, we can’t thank you enough. I will tell every gardener that I know what a great group you are.
~Betsy (Seattle)

The tree turned out great! The crew did an outstanding job as well. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase. I am sending Todd photos via cell phone. We can not thank you guys enough for a job extremely well done!
~Chuck (Olympia)

If you are feeling trepidations about the decision, definitely go take a look at what they have, talk to them, meet them. Nancy is amazing. This business has integrity like you have never experienced before. Take the leap; (I did) the change you make with a Big Tree will give you dividends EVERY DAY with the beauty you enjoy in your real estate. It is a better investment than many things these days, you can be sure of BT that you will be treated right. Shade, birds, color – dimension in your life! DO it! An amazing transformation – poof! You have a tree! And you add value to your property. Something that grows more beautiful every day, to mark the seasons, to enjoy the shade, climb (yes!) hang a hammock on…pile up leaves (or not). Go see what they have. You will be amazed. “Only God can make a tree”… but in two hours Big Trees will have one in your yard!.
~Carol (West Seattle)

Dear Big Trees,
We just got our trees delivered and planted. They look perfect and are in excellent health. We wanted to send a note of thanks. When we visited the nursery Nancy spent a lot of time helping us find the right trees and plants and patiently answered our many questions. Pablo and his crew were exceptional. They worked all afternoon with us- also very patiently- and moved the trees around numerous times until we were happy with their locations. He and his team were extremely polite and hardworking, we enjoyed meeting them and we appreciate the work they did.
Thank you so much!

~Greg & Steph(Everett)

I’m very pleased with the trees but also wanted you to know your crew was wonderful. They were very nice… and patient with me as I figured out just where I wanted the trees placed. They left the yard tidy and even volunteered to remove a 4×4 that had to come out to make way for one of the trees. My husband and I own our own company (land surveyors) so we can fully appreciate a great crew.


Hey Nancy,
I just wanted to tell you that the three trees are exactly what we needed! They are gorgeous and I’m so happy we picked these particular trees. Your guys were great, too! They were very fast and had a great attitude. So thank them for me, again.
And thanks for our beautiful trees!

~Katherine (Redmond)

We love the trees and your crew was great! Thank you.

~Eric (Seattle)

Hi Jamie,
The trees look fantastic! Thanks for picking out such nice ones for us. They look even better than I thought they would and add a beautiful, finished quality to our property.
Pablo was so knowledgeable and the boys were great and did a super good job, lining up the trees perfectly straight and staking them securely against the wind.
I’ll email you photos asap. Terry’s going to flip out and love it when he comes by on Monday!!
Thanks for ALL your help and for suggesting the Fairview Flame Maples. What an amazing tree! I can just imagine them 40 feet tall… the “Leaf Peepers” will go crazy!!

~Andrew (Vashon)

The trees look awesome! Thanks for all your help. Please tell Mario, Pablo and Francisco that we appreciate the work they did and how well they took care of everything. Cheers!
~Sean and Jennifer (Sammamish)

Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job of planting our trees! Your ideas of handling our problems were good. You are a great problem solver!
~Donald and Janice (Bothell)

I can’t say enough about Pablo’s customer service! He called, I told him where to put it outside the gate but he actually waited until I could be there at 3:15. He waited almost a 1/2 hour so we could open the gate and the three men could place the tree by the hole. He is a great asset to your company. The tree is beautiful and I will be planting it tomorrow afternoon after work with another mom. Thanks many times over.
~Kathleen (Concord Elementary PTA)

I just wanted to say thank you all for being so helpful over the years. I very much appreciate being able to call and get quotes & availability.
~Brian K. Gilles, Registered Consulting Arborist

We hired Big Trees to move a 40 yr. old lace leaf maple 100 miles away. Big Trees did what it took to make this move a success. Great workers carefully prepared the tree for transport, hauled and replanted it – not easy in July, but they had the tools and knowledge to make transition a success for the tree with minimal stress.
~Michael (North Bend)

By itself, it is beautiful. Positioned where it is, it is incredibly flattering to our building. Thank you for thoughtfulness and care –
~Barry (Future of Flight)

Your guys were amazing! They did a great job. Thank you so much!
~Rebecca (Seattle)

Thank you so much for the speedy response to our tree problem. The crew you sent did a great job.
~Marilyn (Gig Harbor)

The crew that you sent out were a great, hard working group. Thanks for everything.
~Jerry & Patti (Seattle)

Everything went VERY well, thank you! Your crew was friendly, professional, and very patient. Of course, I had them turn the trees this way and that way, and occasionally we had to adjust the hole that had been dug a bit, but they were excellent. Pablo was also helpful with answering questions that we had.
The result is quite beautiful. I absolutely love the Kwanzan and the Stewartia. We put the Kwanzan a bit higher up in the yard than the level part (on a slight mound), and it’s in a commanding position in front of the house.

~Norma (Seattle)

The tree installation crew was outstanding, they did everything I asked and helped adjust the placement, all good guys!
~Dennis (Issaquah)

Thanks for all your support of the Flower and Garden Show! The ‘Big Tree’ was amazing! Say thanks to your crew too for all their work! Moving that tree was a big deal!~Cyle (Seattle)

The tree is in, the yard is clean. Very thorough and efficient crew.

Everything went well last week. Your crews did a great job, as usual. I heard from Don Brooks at Kabota Gardens and he was very complimentary of your crew, as well. He said everything went smoothly on that end.
Thanks for helping us out with this. I really appreciate the ease of working with you and your staff and the excellent results your crews achieve.
~Beth(Seattle Center)

Hi Nancy,
I want to thank you for the excellent customer service. Your guys came out and moved around the trees and added the new tree and it looks great. Your crew are such hard workers and Pablo is a delight.

I appreciate your follow up tremendously.
~Catherine (Seattle)

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for the new trees! They create exactly the symmetry we wanted. As it turns out, it did take four trees to provide a sufficient
screen and having four trees of the same variety looks beautiful.
Mixing the Blue Lawson and Sky Rocket would not have worked. One
question about the Sky Rocket – how much new growth should we expect each year?
Thanks again Nancy. This was our first experience with Big Trees and we are very impressed. Not only did Big Trees stand behind their guarantee to replace a dead tree, you were very honest with us about the problems with the Blue Lawson and extremely helpful working with us to find a solution to our problem. We look forward to doing business with you in the future and will definitely recommend Big Trees to our friends.
~Chris (Brier)

I am very happy with the result. I work as real estate agent and if my client need this kind of job, I will recommend your company.
~Yuri (Sammamish)

Nancy – we love the new tree! Thanks for taking care of this so quickly and for the really nice and tidy planting job. We are very pleased and the newly planted tree just started getting a little color this weekend.
~Barbara and Dwight (Seattle)

Hi Everyone at Big Tree
Great job!
Sean and crew did a great install – now we just have to keep it going!
Thank you all for your help.
~Ray, (Vashon)

The crew did a superb job, excavated an excellent rootball in a difficult situation to save this historic tree. Everett Community College, by saving this large Japanese Maple from a recently purchased property with the expertise of Big Trees, has a beautiful new raised planter display for everyone on campus to enjoy. Thanks again to the Big Trees crew for another great effort at EvCC!
John, Everett Community College

~Laura, Excell Landscape, Inc

I was very pleased with the crew that you sent out and the quality of their work. It still amazes me what three guys with shovels and a hand truck can do! They really got down to business and accomplished the job with very little input from me and in a very timely way.  Thanks!
~Beth Duncan, Seattle Center

Hi Nancy
Thank you for making this whole experience with planting “Baby Tree”….so special because of the kindness of everyone, you going above and beyond to take care of us, our yard. and then to care to take care of Curtis and Vickie’s field.
It is very rare, these days, to find a company that truly cares and Big Tree is that “rare” company.
Thank you Nancy, and thank you to the entire Big Tree Staff who so sweetly served us.
~Carol (Snohomish)

Hi Nancy,
Thank you again, to you and your crew, for your understanding and excellent customer service.  When spring rolls around (and the money rolls in), I will return for the next phase of the never ending landscape projects!
~ Debbie(Lake Stevens)

I’ll start by saying your crew was excellent. They really did a great job and I’m very pleased.
~Amy (Bainbridge Island)

The trees look awesome!  The install guys were great and were super personable, efficient, and professional.
Thank you for all of your time and assistance & will definitely give you a call when I’m ready to do something additional landscaping wise.
~Scott (Sammamish)

Wow!  I’m so impressed with the quality of the trees, the quality of the service and the quality of the employees at Big Trees.  The next time I need to have trees installed I will call you!
A big thank you for helping create a little privacy in my backyard.
~Trish (Brier)

Hi Nancy –
Just a quick note to say Thank You for a job well done!  The trees are beautiful –
nice and full, and very healthy.  The installers were very polite and did a great job
spacing and staking the trees.  They cleaned up all debris and even swept off our
driveway – you can hardly tell they were here!
I would recommend your company in a heatbeat……
Thank you!
~Brenda (Snohomish)

Thank you, Nancy for all your patience and assistance.  Your crew yesterday was wonderful and very helpful and they did a great job.  Thank you!!!
~Gayle (Morning Star Designs)

Hi Nancy – the trees look great.  How much should I be watering them?  Thanks!
Best regards,
Joseph Hurley, AIA

Hey Nancy and Jamie-
Just want you to know that the crew you sent out today was excellent. They did a great job, and were so pleasant to work with!!  When they left everything was swept up, washed up, and the trees were looking great!
~Teresa (Tacoma)

Many thks for helping us pick out the perfect tree!!!!
~Lynn (Seattle)

I just wanted to touch base and tell you and the owners of Big Trees how pleased we are with your service & choice of trees.
Your professionalism and personal interest made all the difference. Thank You! Our trees are beautiful.
~John (Seattle)

Hi Nancy,
The tree is beautiful and perfect for that spot.  The guys were great and really helpful. Thanks so much for this.  Of course I am telling everyone about how great Big Trees is and recommending they visit you!
~Cece (Mukilteo)

The tree is in place and it looks great. Your crew was very courteous and did a great job negotiating the hill and access to the rockery, as well as seeking our feedback for the tree orientation.
Thanks again for your assistance in choosing the right tree and the great install.
~Olivier (Seattle)

The crew was by on Thursday, they had fertilized the trees before I got there. Pablo told me that what I was seeing was not an issue and the trees were doing well. He told me what to look for if the tree was dying and checked my watering schedule and told me when to increase it.
I want to thank all of you for all the help and tips, and let you know we are very satisfied with our experience with Big Trees! I will recommend Big Trees to anyone looking to add trees.
~Tom (Everett)

The cherry tree looks great!  My family and I will enjoy this tree for many years to come.  – I am very happy that I decided partner with Big Trees!
~Scott (Mercer Island)

A BIG thank you to BIG Trees.  It’s not often that we come across such nice people to work with.  Jamie was so pleasant and patient in working with us over the phone and by email to select just the right trees for our project.  The installers were great as well.  They cheerfully moved them around the area in their containers until we had them exactly where we wanted them.  Then they planted them beautifully, leaving the area clean and picked up.  We thought this was going to be another huge, hectic project, but thanks to all of the folks at Big Trees it was effortless and rewarding!
~Chuck & Chris (Seattle)

Thank you.  The tree is gorgeous and a good size.  The guys did a great job and were really pleasant and professional.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.
~Leah B. (Mercer Island)

Big Trees Inc. has done a lot of tree projects for our Seattle Center facility over the years and I can’t recall losing any new or transplanted tree you have done for us.  You’re always at the top of the list when new landscape or building projects call for trees.
~ Beth (Seattle Center, City of Seattle)

Thanks so much for doing such a great job planting the trees for my client – Carleton Park Townhomes. The trees make the spaces come alive!
~Jennifer C (Haven Illustrated, LLC)

Hi Lena – I realized I never thanked you AFTER the very successful delivery of the birch. They transformed the property as we had hoped, and Scott was fabulous, including his stellar and cool performance in an encounter with a wacky neighbor. If he hasn’t given you the details and you want to hear, give me a call!
In the meantime, have a great conclusion to the year, the beginning of a new season for you, and happy holidays. I look forward to working with you again.
~ Linda W (Bainbridge Island)

The trees are lovely and so were the guys.  I’m thrilled and so is my neighbor, Joe.  What does that say?  Tell everybody thank you and thanks for checking in.  Hope you’re enjoying this weather.
~Lindsay F (Seattle)

Dear Lena/Jamie,
Just a note to tell you the Vine Maple is beautiful, the crew were great, and we thank you ever so much for your information and generosity.  We are looking forward to our next contact and spreading the “Big Tree” name around our town.
~George (Woodway)

Click Here to view a letter from the office of the Mayor of Seattle.

Kudos to the entire team for making such a great effort today!   What has been accomplished on the south half of the site during the just past 24 hours is terrific”
Big Trees, Inc. cranes in specimen trees and transplanted (2- 40’ oaks, 2- 35’ maples, 4 large ash & 3 beautiful evergreen magnolias) June ‘09
~George (ADMIRALTY GROUP LLC the Development Manager for the Harvard & Highland Project on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

The trees look great.  Thank you for providing such outstanding customer service! It was a pleasure working with you.
~ Diana (Everett)

Project Intro: Big Trees, Inc. helps kick-off a major construction project at Seattle University. Seattle U., known for its extensive landscape and many specimen trees, saves (8) large and historic trees. The A.A. Lemieux Library remodel required a complete demo of the area directly adjacent to the existing front steps.   The trees, (2) large laceleaf maples, (2) 12-14” caliper Arizona Blue Cypress, (2) 18’ tall Bird’s Nest Spruce and (2) 12”caliper Threadleaf Cypress had historical connections to the Kubota Gardens in Seattle. All were successfully relocated to new homes within the campus.
Big Trees, Inc. crews worked very hard under very challenging site conditions and did a great job getting these large trees transplanted successfully.
~Becki (Facilities Manager, Seattle University)

Project Intro: Big Trees, Inc. installs (30) large trees along the Methow River in Winthrop, WA. at a new home site. Trees at including a grove of large Scarlet Oak, Jacquemonti Birch, Austrian Black Pine and Autumn Blaze light up the new home and landscape. Planted for shade, summer privacy screening and their autumn colors, trees up to 8”caliper were planted along with smaller samples to create an instant grove.
The trees looked wonderful last fall with all the autumn color. This spring, the Oak grove looks amazing and the homeowner is extremely happy with the planting.
~Camden (Plantas nativa east, llc, Twisp Washington)

Dear Big Trees,
The tree is in and it looks like they did a great job.  What a great team you have, Lena and Pablo and his crew are awesome. We really appreciate you taking care of the problem.
Thank you!
~Deby (Bothell)

Thank you so much for expediting my request for installation of two Fuji cherry trees.  Your extraordinary customer service was most appreciated by my family.
JJ and Sarah’s neighbors raved over the installation crew.
I will be sending a small token of my appreciation in the next few days.
Again, thank you.
~Shirley (Seattle)

In this high stress business were in it is fun to do something out of the ordinary once in a while. You and your team did something that I doubt many others could have had performed. Congratulations.
~Brian (Bellevue)

We think the tree looks really nice, don’t you?  Thanks for all your help on this.  This was a project that could have gone badly with just one small mistake, but went off really without a hitch.  You demonstrated great focus and respect for what we wanted to achieve so thank you again.  I will make sure everyone knows what you did.
~Brian (Mercer Island)

Way to go, Big Trees!
The City of Seattle really appreciates that you undertook the task of
transplanting this behemoth.  I know that the commuters who pass by this
tree daily, to and from the bus & train station, will be happy to know they
can look forward to watching this tree bloom again and again.  I also know
that the tree means a lot to the people who work in the buildings across 5th
Avenue from the site.
I think it was a courageous undertaking and admire your ingenuity and guts.
Thank you and take a look at the photos!
~Bill (Seattle Department of Transportation)

Big Trees did a very nice job and were good to work with.  We would recommend them for future State jobs or other companies.
~Lue (Green River Community College)

Just wanted to say thanks to the team who came to move the sequoia on Friday. They did a great job and were very conscientious about other vegetation that was close to the tree on my property. I am sure it will thrive in its new location.
~Lorrie (Bellingham)

I wanted to thank you for sending Danny and his crew to replant the Chanticlear Pear.  Danny was wonderful to work with.  His customer focus and interpersonal skills were top notch.  I had he and his crew reposition the tree 5x so we had it “just right” and he never even hinted at this request being a burden.  In fact he made me feel my needs were extremely important to have it the way I wanted it.  I’ve worked with many landscape and home crews before and Danny and his team were terrific.
Lena:  Thanks for your help in replacing the tree.  I know this is never an easy decision, but the way Big Trees handled it was important for my long term customer satisfaction. The tree looks great and I’ve got the Drip Irrigation system already at work keeping it watered.
I would not hesitate recommending Big Trees to anyone who needs a Big Tree in difficult to plant situation.  Thanks again.
~Dean (Seattle)

Dear Big Trees,
I want to commend the crew you sent out to move our pine and laceleaf maple.  They really went at it professionally and even put up with me taking a whole role of pictures.
We will know how well the operation worked for sure next spring, but so far all seems fine.  I soak the trees well about every 5 days.  Along with the showers and morning dew and cool weather, I think that should be ok in the sandy loam we have here.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  Thanks again.  You couldn’t have a nicer crew.
~Gary (Hansville)

Once again, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful job your guys did yesterday putting in the new tree (to replace that poor dead multistem cedar). It was like magic. In the morning….dead tree.   In the afternoon….poof… live tree. No mess, no trace of them ever being there….just pure magic!
They placed the tree perfectly, and even took care to properly disperse the mulch we had around our other existing trees. Fantastic job all the way around. We are very happy!
You guys are top notch, that’s for sure!!!!!!
~Cynthia (Marysville)

I hope all is well for you, and the gang at Big Trees!  My husband and I finally got around to putting together a few house pics  for his family to view, and they include photos of the front yard where you guys put the trees in.
I was comparing the “after” picture with the before pictures, and it is a pretty dramatic difference! We are so in love with all our new trees, and the vibe in our yard. Thanks again for fielding a call from somebody who had no idea what we needed, in addition to almost no knowledge about trees.  And thanks for being so “extremely patient” with me to come up with a game plan of what we needed, and what we would be happy with.  Your direction and advice was truly appreciated.  You guys are great!
~Diane (Seattle)

Big Trees exceeded our expectations in providing healthy, beautiful trees to restore a community area in our housing development. We had limited space for equipment and were concerned about damage to an adjacent property. Their crews were excellent and left no mess or damage.
~Jim (Poulsbo)

Just wanted to say Thank You! I came home yesterday and loved what I saw. As usual, your guys did an excellent job and the trees were exactly where I wanted them to be.
Thank you so much!!!!
~Cynthia (Marysville)

I was shocked that you were able to transplant my Japanese maple. I am so glad we were able to take it to our new home. It looks great! Thanks!
~Elaine (Kirkland)

We had a very narrow space to work with and wanted large trees for proper screening. Big Trees planted a row of beautiful arborvitae. Thank you for your logistical creativity and for implementing the perfect solution.
~Diana (Seattle)

Thanks for all the help you gave us at the nursery. The Red Sunset maple was the perfect tree for our backyard.
~Matt (Everett)

Excellent – the willows look great!   Thank you so much for completing the work as planned!   We appreciate the effort you all made especially during the holidays!!!
Thanks again.
~Jolene (Seattle)

Dear Big Trees,
I just wanted to touch base and tell you and the owners of Big Trees how pleased we are with your service & choice of trees.  Your professionalism and personal interest made all the difference.  Thank You! Our trees are beautiful.
~John (Seattle)