Moving Trees Onsite

Onsite transplanting is defined as those trees that are moving from a current location to a new one on the same property, or on an adjacent property. This type of tree moving does not require our crews to load and tie in tree canopies to legal road width dimensions. Many trees, barring overhead obstructions, can be carried upright and we avoid the additional time and rigging necessary to lay trees on their side for transport down the road.

These types of transplant can vary from trees 2” caliper (trunk diameter) that weigh a few hundred pounds to those weighing in excess of 100k pounds and are moved with cranes and heavy equipment.

Trees over the 3-3.5”c can weigh several hundred to thousands of pounds and require the use of hydraulic equipment. Our Kubota loaders need about 7’ of width of access and need to drive from the street to within 2-3’ of the tree being transplanted. The loaders have wide rubber tires that help float the machine across sensitive planting and lawn areas, however sometimes the crew will use thick plywood to “plank” a path for the vehicle.