Pinus flexilis ‘Cesarini Blue’


Pinus flexilis

For a denser upright tree that provides a bit of narrow screening, a good choice is ‘Cesarini Blue’ pine.  If left unstaked, this tree forms a lyrical, curving leader. Alternatively, it can be kept much smaller and denser with annual pruning. ‘Cesarini Blue’ is reasonably drought tolerant once
established in well-drained soils and provides an ideal focal point with its
long, strikingly blue needles.

Zones: 3-7
Leaf Description: Evergreen, long blue needles
Mature Height: 12-14′
Mature Spread: 5-7′
Growth Rate: Slow
Habit: A dense, asymmetrical evergreen with annual pruning.
Light Requirements: Full sun
Soil Tolerances: Adaptable, prefers well drained soil