Norway Spruce

Picea Abies
‘norway spruce’

The Norway Spruce can grow 2-3+ feet per year their first 25 years under good conditions, in heavy or poor soils they may average 1 foot per year. Soil, moisture, and adequate sunshine is everything to a plant and its growth rate. On a perfect weather year we have seen over 6 ft of growth in one year!  This spruce if given sufficient room to grow will easily grow to over 100 feet tall and be 40 feet wide with spreading branches at the base and will live over 100 years.

This is not a tree for a small yard! Although they do best in full sunshine they can tolerate some shading up to 50% and still survive but the growth rate and density will be reduced. The Norway spruce has a fiberous deep spreading root system that makes this tree very wind firm able to withstand winds up to 100 MPH.

Zones: 1-6
Mature Height: 100-150′
Mature Spread: 20′
Growth Rate: Fast
Habit: Stiff, deep green, attractive pyramid in youth; in age, branchlets droop strongly.