Big Trees Inc. Moves Ten Large Trees for the University of Washington

SEATTLE, WA: Big Trees Inc. (, a large tree nursery and tree transplant company servicing Washington State, has been contracted by the University of Washington to transplant 10 large trees on the campus otherwise slated for being cut down during a University construction project. Big Trees Inc. will be moving the trees from their current locations near a building that will be demolished, to other locations on campus.

The significant trees slated for moving are anywhere from 30′-45′ tall and weigh 25,000 to 45,000 lbs. each. The operation is currently underway, with Big Trees Tree transplant specialists hard at work. The University has begun a project to tear down old student housing to make room for new facilities with double the boarding capacity. The University is dedicated to retaining and saving their larger, significant trees whenever possible. Big Trees Inc. will be using a crane and large forklift to gently separate the 10 trees from their current locations and move them to new sites across the campus, thus retaining this part of the University’s heritage.

Nancy Penrose, owner of Big Trees Inc., stated “It’s really great to see consideration given to moving these trees. We’re really happy to be a part of a project that saves these historic trees and to work with The University staff. Our Tree Transplant project has been a really great hit in Seattle, and our crews have years of experience in the transplanting and installation of trees, so we’re perfectly suited to any of these types of jobs. Saving trees 10′ to 30′ through transplanting is also a great option for homeowners planning to remove mature trees. Call us if you’d like to save a tree.”

Nancy Penrose is the owner of Big Trees Inc. (, located in Snohomish, WA, in the Seattle area. The company is the largest tree nurseries and transplanting firm in the Seattle area with over 120,000 trees available in over 300 varieties. They not only can deliver young trees but also mature trees in a wide range of sizes. Some types of trees available include spring flowering, deciduous, evergreen, and privacy trees. The company also does tree transplanting including up to large trees. Their blog can be seen at