Heritage River Birch

Betula nigra ‘heritage’

The Heritage River Birch is commonly found as a multi-stemmed tree, but occasionally it is available in a single-stem form. It is a variety of the river birch known for having nice yellow fall color and bark that exfoliates which reveals tan to salmon pink colored trunks and branches. The Heritage River Birch can be planted as a single accent tree or plant a group of them for a more natural and interesting look.

Zones: Hardy to Zone 4
Leaf Description: Light, glossy green leaves
Flower Description: Small red to green flowers
Mature Height: 40 ft
Mature Spread: 30 ft
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
Habit: Broadly pyramidal
Light Requirements: Prefers full sun
Soil Tolerances: Adaptable, prefers a moist soil