Hand Made Natural Stone Planters

burgundy pot

Made by a family of stone masons from a remote island in southeast Asia, the technique of making stone planters has been passed down for several generations .  All stones are sorted by size , thickness, and length, and carefully placed by hand inside wooden forms.  Concrete is then pressed into the stones along with steel bands to protect the integrity.  With a wide selection of sizes and colors available , they are without a doubt , spectacular show pieces for your landscaping designs.

Colors Available:  Blue, Granite, Light Burgundy, Slate, White, Brown Slate

Sizes Available*:

12″ wide x 8″ high
12″ wide x 12″ high
12″ wide x 16″ high
16″ wide x 16″ high
20″ wide x 20″ high
24″ wide x 24″ high
24″ wide x 42″ high
36″ wide x 36″ high

*sizes may vary slightly

tulalip pots

3 pots