Green River Community College

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 was a good day for trees on Green River’s forested campus. In preparation for the construction of the new Student Success Center, Big Trees, Inc. transplanted eight 20-30 foot cedar trees from the south side of the OEA building between the science/technology complex and the SMT building creating a visual screen. In addition, Big Trees, Inc. provided eight new 14-20 foot Sequoia d. gigantium and craned them into place. With little equipment access, the new trees were rigged and picked off a tractor trailer and carefully moved into their new home.

This project is part of a continuing effort to transplant trees and shrubbery whenever possible as new buildings are constructed. When viewed from the science and technology centers, the new screen creates a solid wall of vegetation. Transplanted trees also help to create more seclusion for the challenge course.

“Big Trees did a very nice job and were good to work with. We would recommend them for future State jobs or other companies.”

~Lue (Green River Community College Staff)