Elegans Japanese Cedar

Cryptomeria Elegans
elegans japanese cedar’

Cryptomeria is a selection with juvenile foliage, which is more needle-like and softer, hence the common name plume cedar. The foliage is green in summer and with the onset of cold weather turns a mahogany, plum in the late autumn and winter. It is the perfect backdrop to witchhazels, and red and yellow stemmed cornus. As a young plant is excellent in containers, particularly larger containers planted for winter. The soft texture combines well with other conifers that might be more stiff in appearance also good with Japanese maples. This cultivar was introduced from Japan in the mid 1800s.

Zones: 6-9
Leaf Description: Featherly grayish green foliage turns rich coppery red or purplish in winter.
Mature Height: 20-60′
Mature Spread: 20′
Growth Rate: Slow
Light Requirements: Part shade to full sun
Soil Tolerances: Mostly sand to some clay