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Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the autumn. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tree canopies provide shade for your home or garden. Some trees canopies are dense enough to provide full shade and other canopies have lighter foliage that provides dappled shade. Most deciduous trees grow large, so it is important to select a planting location with adequate space for the mature size of the tree.

In contrast, evergreen trees maintain their foliage year-round. Deciduous trees, on the other hand, populate various regions globally and encompass a broad spectrum of species. Deciduous trees are a type of broad-leaved trees that shed their leaves annually.

  • Crimson King Maple

Deciduous trees are distinguished by their foliage, which typically is comprised of broad, flat leaves. These leaves exhibit vibrant fall colors in autumn before the leaves fall from the tree. Trees shed their leaves in winter to aid in water conservation, crucial during periods of scarcity or freezing temperatures. This process helps deciduous trees conserve energy and water during the winter months. This mechanism enables deciduous trees to thrive across diverse climates and habitats.

Despite their leaf-shedding cycle, deciduous trees play vital roles in ecosystems. They furnish sustenance and shelter for diverse animal species and serve as valuable resources for lumber and various commodities. Grasping the attributes and habits of deciduous trees is fundamental to comprehending the intricacies of the natural world.

Deciduous Trees for the Northwest

Here are some of our most popular deciduous trees.

In addition to these trees, many deciduous trees such as the dawn redwood and various deciduous shrubs are also well-suited for the Northwest climate.

trees crimson king maple 600 2Crimson King Maple: A Beautiful Deciduous Tree

The Crimson King maple is a dense shade tree with wonderful purple foliage. During the growing season, the Crimson King Maple develops its distinctive purple foliage. The leaves hold their color well, without fading, from spring through fall. Fall foliage is typically a deep maroon to reddish bronze.

trees heritage river birch 600Heritage River Birch

The Heritage River Birch is commonly found as a multi-stemmed tree, but occasionally it is available in a single-stem form. It is a variety of the river birch known for having nice yellow fall color and bark that exfoliates which reveals tan to salmon pink colored trunks and branches. The Heritage River Birch can be planted as a single accent tree or plant a group of them for a more natural and interesting look.

trees katsura 01 600Katsura: Known for Its Fall Foliage

The Katsura tree is grown as both a single stemmed or multi-stemmed tree. The Katsura tree is one of many deciduous trees known for its vibrant seasonal changes. It has rounded heart shaped leaves that emerge in spring with a red to purple tint. As the leaves mature they turn a slightly bluish green. The Katsura has yellow fall color and are known for the sweet sugary scent they emit as fall arrives. Like many deciduous plants, the Katsura tree requires specific care to thrive, including proper pruning and fertilization

trees weeping willow 600Weeping Willow: Trees That Lose Their Leaves

The weeping willow is a great selection of a deciduous tree for adding character to a landscape. Known for its graceful, low sweeping branch structure and unique shape. In addition to ornamental trees like the Weeping Willow, many fruit trees such as apple and pear trees are also popular deciduous trees. The weeping willow is commonly found near streams, lakes and wetlands but is adaptable to drier soils as well. The weeping willow has winter interest due to its golden winter stems.

trees autumn flame mapleAutumn Flame Maple

The Autumn Flame Maple is fast growing, upright and becomes broadly rounded with age, and reaches 35 feet tall. New foliage emerges vibrant red, turns dark green in summer and brilliant orange to fiery red in fall. Smooth, light gray bark becomes deeply ridged with age. Showy red flowers precede foliage on intriguing reddish branches. Early red fall color. An old favorite, Autumn Flame is not as popular as it used to be due to new available cultivars. An excellent large lawn tree. Native to eastern United States.

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