Consulting Arborists

Northwest Arboriculture, LLC

Northwest Arboriculture is a family owned company based in Bothell. Northwest Arboriculture specializes in tree removal, stump grinding, pruning and thinning, tree appraisal, hazardous tree evaluations, expert witnessing, preservation planning and emergency tree work.


Certified Arborist Favero Greenforest provides accurate and useful information about trees. He is experienced and qualified to appraise the value of trees, testify as an expert witness on timber trespass cases, diagnose plant pests and diseases, assess the hazards and risks associated with larger trees, inventory trees prior to site development and create preservation plans. Favero is also an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist and works throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

Tree Solutions Inc.

Tree Solutions Inc. is a tree consulting company in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in urban forest management for residences, campuses, and municipalities as well as tree preservation and restoration during construction projects. Our clients include homeowners, developers, municipalities, attorneys, contractors, insurance companies, planners, architects, landscape architects and commercial arborists.