“Ciscoe likes Big Trees!”

The film crew from “Gardening with Ciscoe” visited Big Trees in Snohomish earlier in November, including Ciscoe Morris and Meeghan Black. They shot much of the show in the nursery, although many other topics and locations were also featured during the 30 minute episode. The program aired November 19th. Big Trees, Inc. has enjoyed a long-time working relationship with Seattle University, Ciscoe’s old stomping grounds. Many of the older specimen trees recently transplanted by Big Trees were under Ciscoe’s care for many years.  The SU campus landscape includes numerous historic specimens, many due to Ciscoe’s influence while working there.  Some even came to the campus via Kubota Gardens http://kubota.org/.  One of these projects is highlighted on “Featured Projects” under the “Galleries” tab on the homepage. http://www.king5.com/on-tv/gardening/Gardening-with-Ciscoe-show-information-89520297.html