Chanticleer Pear

Pyrus calleryana ‘chanticleer’

The Chanticleer pear is a dense flowering tree.  It maintains its narrow form so it can be suitable for street plantings.  It is one of the first deciduous trees to leaf out early spring and one of the last to drop in fall.  The Chanticleer is ornamental, meaning that it does not bear fruit.  The Chanticleer pear produces white flowers borne in clusters.  It does not have dependable fall color but can develop red to purple fall color.

Zones: Hardy to Zone 4
Leaf Description: Thick, glossy and dark green deciduous leaves
Flower Description: White flowers borne in clusters
Mature Height: 40 ft
Mature Spread: 10 to 15 ft
Growth Rate: Moderate
Habit: Upright and narrow
Light Requirements: Best in full sun
Soil Tolerances: Adaptable, prefers a moist but well drained soil