Big Trees Inc Helps Handle Yard Affected by Accidental Fire in Olympic Peninsula Area

SNOHOMISH, WA: Big Trees Inc, ( a tree nursery and transplanting company in the Seattle area, recently helped with a situation where a homeowner’s yard had been subjected to an accidental fire. The fire burned down several trees in the yard, which Big Tress Inc was able to replace successfully, restoring the original landscape.

Big Trees Inc was recently contacted by a homeowner in the Olympic Peninsula area whose trees had been accidently burned down by a neighbor’s subcontractor. The homeowner had a mature row of 12′ tall Emerald Green arborvitae that ran alongside their driveway and helped to screen the neighbor’s driveway. Unfortunately, when the neighbor hired somebody to asphalt their driveway, their machinery caught the trees on fire burning a long section of trees.

“Sometimes these situations can get very contentious with blame and accountability,” said Nancy Penrose, owner of Big Trees Inc. “In this case, everyone involved worked together, including the insurance company!”

Big Trees Inc was hired to install 12’ Emerald Greens matching the height of the surviving trees to fill in the now empty space between the two neighbors.

“We did not know you could buy mature trees,” said the homeowner. “We were ecstatic when we heard about Big Trees and they were very accommodating as far as sending pictures of their trees and fitting us into their schedule. Their crew worked all day in the pouring down rain to get it done and now, it looks even better than it did before the fire! We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Nancy Penrose stated: “We have seen so many examples of jobs like these where a successful tree installation is able to ease the tension between neighbors. We’re very pleased to be of service.”