All Tree Descriptions

In our retail nursery and numerous growing fields, Big Trees has over 120,000 trees in more than 300 varieties available to our customers. Our management staff includes a team of horticulturists that are happy to assist clients either at our retail nursery or within your own landscape. Big Trees always has nursery staff available to help choose the right trees for the right location. If necessary we offer onsite consulting at your home and landscape to help in this process. We also, by appointment, provide growing field tours to select trees.

Deciduous & Shade Trees

Deciduous trees are trees that lose their leaves in the autumn. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tree canopies provide shade for your home or garden. Some trees canopies are dense enough to provide full shade and other canopies have lighter foliage that provides dappled shade. Most deciduous shade trees grow large, so it is important to select a planting location with adequate space for the mature size of the tree.

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Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees retain their needles during the winter months so they provide year round interest, color and texture in the landscape. They are versatile and can be used as specimens, hedges, privacy screens, windbreaks, or as backdrops for smaller plants.

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Fall Colors

Here you will find selections of some of our most dependable trees for fall color. Fall color adds interest to any landscape. The change in season can bring colors from yellow, to brilliant red, to purple from some species of trees. All of our fall color selections are deciduous trees. These are trees that loose their leaves each fall, go dormant for the winter, and leaf out again in spring.

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Flowering Trees

Bring color and fragrance into your landscape with flowering trees. As buds become blooms flowering trees announce the arrival of spring. Flowering trees can be used to soften landscapes and to create focal points in gardens.

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Privacy Screens

Create year round privacy with natural living barriers. Most privacy trees can be maintained as hedges, but another option is to strategically place trees in your landscape for a more natural look.

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Large Specimens and Japanese Maples

Specimens are trees that act as focal points in the landscape. Specimens draw our attention with their structure, uniqueness, size or texture. They create impact in a landscape. Large specimen trees are typically exceptionally beautiful trees with interesting shapes like Japanese Maples.