Tree Rescue

Do you have a tree in your landscape that you no longer want? Or is there a tree planted in the way of a new addition to your home? If so, your tree may be a candidate for ‘tree rescue’ or ‘salvage.’ Rather than cutting down your unwanted tree, give it a new home.

Big Trees, Inc. offers a free removal service for healthy trees that are 10’ to 30’ tall. Please contact us by email or by phone so we can evaluate the potential of the tree rescue candidate.

The size of the rootball needed for the tree to survive a transplant is typically dictated by the diameter of the trunk. Please measure the trunk diameter of the tree and the distance from the trunk to any obstructions (i.e.: sidewalks, house foundations, rockeries). We also need to know if there is equipment access up to where the tree is planted.

If possible, please send over digital pictures of the potential rescue. Please click here to contact us.