Mason General Hospital

When Mason General Hospital opened in 1968. this now beautiful Japanese Laceleaf Maple was donated by Maude Crosby.  Maude was an old Shelton girl.  She came from a family of steam locomotive engineers for Simpson.  She was an awesome, eccentric, generous woman who had a great love for gardening.  She grew up in logging camps and later became a diamond mine millionaire when her husband passed away.  She had a home where KFC is now, and later a home near the old Richert’s Photo on Pine.  In 1960, she had a garden worth $50,000.  Maude was a member of the original hospital auxiliary, and she gave this wonderful tree to Mason General Hospital with love in 1968.

  1. Japanese Laceleaf Maple locked in the entry since 1968
  2. Surgery...for a tree begins at Mason General
  3. Big Trees crews prepare the large rootball
  4. A delicate extraction process with heavy equipment
  5. The maple is driven out of the original location
  6. In route to a new temporary staging area
  7. The dissectum is place in a temporary staging area during construction