Green Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum

The Acer palmatum ‘Green Japanese Maple’ is the original or parent species to the many cultivated varieties of Japanese Maples. Japanese maples make excellent garden specimens or focal points. Their small leaves and ‘light’ canopies give them a delicate appearance. The Green Japanese Maple can be variable in size and shape. It is grown both as a multi trunk or single trunk tree. The Green Japanese Maple typically will give an excellent fall color show with colors changing from bright yellow to brilliant red.

Zones: Hardy to Zone 5
Leaf Description: Fine textured, green and lobed
Flower Description: Inconspicuous, red to purple flowers, followed by winged fruits
Mature Height: 30 ft
Mature Spread: 30 ft
Growth Rate: Slow
Habit: Upright and spreading
Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade
Soil Tolerances: Best in a well drained soil