Flowering Trees

  1. Chanticleer Pear<br>Pyrus calleryana 'chanticleer': The Chanticleer pear is a dense flowering tree. It maintains its narrow form so it can be suitable for street plantings. It is one of the first deciduous trees to leaf out early spring and one of the last to drop in fall. The Chanticleer is ornamental, meaning that it does not bear fruit. The Chanticleer pear produces white flowers borne in clusters. It does not have dependable fall color but can develop red to purple fall color.
  2. Japanese Snowbell<br>Styrax japonicum: A wonderful tree as a focal point or specimen in your yard. Appropriate for smaller yards as it is slow growing and matures to be 20 ft tall by 15 to 20 ft wide. The Japanese snowbell is covered with white fragrant blossoms in June or July. It has a lovely shape and a gracefully spreading habit. The Japanese snowbell is reliable and easy to grow.
  3. Kwanzan Cherry<br>Prunus serrulata 'kwanzan': One of the best blooming ornamental cherries. The kwanzan is known for its long lasting double pink blossoms borne in clusters. The flowers usually appear just before the leaves emerge in April or early May. New leaves have a bronze tint and the fall color is typically orange to bronze.
  4. Satomi Dogwood<br>Cornus kousa 'satomi': The Cornus kousa ‘satomi’ is one of the nicest pink flowering dogwoods. It blooms in early summer and has long lasting showy flowers. This is a small ornamental tree that can be used as an accent or focal point in small landscapes.
  5. Thundercloud Plum<br>Prunus cerasifera 'thundercloud': The Thundercloud plum has dependable purple foliage throughout the growing season. It is not fruit bearing but does produce single pink flowers in early spring. A reliable tree that is adaptable to most growing conditions.
  6. Akebono Flower
  7. Big Pink Rhody
  8. Fuji Blosssoms
  9. Viburnum bodnantense `Dawn' flower
  10. Big Pink Rhody on the Bobcat
  11. Stewartia flower
  12. Kwanzan flower
  13. Prunus kwanzan flowering
  14. Shogetsu Flower
  15. Styrax Flower