Fall Colors

  1. Autumn Applause Ash <br>Fraxinus americana 'autumn applause': The Autumn Applause Ash is an oval and tighter form of the White Ash. It has reliable fall color with tones that progress from orange to purple. The Autumn Applause is a seedless variety.
  2. Autumn Blaze<br>Acer x freemanii 'autumn blaze': The Autumn Blaze maple has brilliant bright red fall color. It is one of the first trees to go into fall color and one of the longest to hold the fall color. The Autumn Blaze maple is fast growing and does grow to be 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide.
  3. Autumn Flame Maple <br>Acer rubrum ‘autumn flame’: Fast growing, upright becomes broadly rounded with age and reaches 35 feet tall. New foliage emerges vibrant red, turns dark green in summer and brilliant orange to fiery red in fall. Smooth, light gray bark becomes deeply ridged with age. Showy red flowers precede foliage on intriguing reddish branches. Early red fall color. An old favorite, Autumn Flame is not as popular as it used to be due to new available cultivars. An excellent large lawn tree. Native to eastern United States.
  4. Bowhall Maple <br>Acer rubrum 'bowhall': The Bowhall Maple is a columnar maple that is suitable as a street tree or for narrow spaces. Its canopy is sturdy and tightly formed. The Bowhall is notable for its fall color. Leaves change from yellow to orange to red prior to leaf drop.
  5. October Glory Maple <br>Acer rubrum 'October glory': The October Glory maple is great selection for a fall color accent tree. It has dependable red to deep red fall color.
  6. Raywood Ash<br>Fraxinus oxycarpa 'Raywood': The Raywood ash is known for its excellent fall color. The leaves turn from shades of red to purple before falling in autumn. The Raywood ash has a fine textured which adds softness to the landscape. It tends to stay more oval or upright when younger but matures to be a full rounded canopy adding impact to the landscape.
  7. Red Sunset Maple <br>Acer rubrum 'red sunset': The Red Sunset maple is one of the most reliable trees for fall color, turning a brilliant orange-red to deep red in early fall.
  8. Sweetgum <br>Liquidambar styraciflua: The Sweetgum progresses through a variety of fall colors. The distinct five-lobed star shaped leaves change from yellow to orange and red to purple in fall. It is a dependable tree for a good fall color show. Unlike maples, the Sweetgum’s fall color will not be uniform over the canopy. This gives it a unique fall color each year
  9. Vine Maple<br>Acer circinatum: A northwest native known for its brilliant fall color and graceful growth habit. The Vine Maple is typically found as a multi-stemmed tree. It gives a good fall color showing with changes from yellow to orange to red tones.
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