Should You Keep Outdoor Tree Lights on Year-Round?

Should You Keep Outdoor Tree Lights on Year-Round?

By Nancy Penrose With the holidays now past, the one thing we tend to postpone is taking down the lights from outdoor trees. For some, they love how it makes their home feel warm and magical during the winter months. For others, they don’t want to undo all the hard...

Tree Planting Tips

By Nancy Penrose Purchasing a tree that is a good match for your planting environment is important. Every species of tree has its own needs. Some require soil that retains moisture, while others will grow best in slightly acidic or highly nutritional soil. To make... How Trees Grow

By Nancy Penrose All trees have a special type of plant tissue called meristem, a Greek word meaning “to divide”. The word was first used by Swiss botanist Carl Wilhem von Nageli (1817 to 1891). Trees grow when the cells within the meristem divide and produce new... Landscaping with Fir Trees Landscaping with Fir Trees

By Nancy Penrose The fir tree is an evergreen coniferous that can be found throughout North and Central America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. The tree is a member of the Pinaceae family and Abies genus. Firs are considered large trees, with some reaching heights of...